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Unleash a Multiverse of Traffic Using This Highly Advanced Co-Op
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This is free to use and will skyrocket your traffic immediately

A Traffic Co Op will help you get visitors to your sites from a vastmultiverse of other traffic sites, that you never even have to use.

Everyone will be sharing their traffic resources, which will improve your advertising reach!

Choose 3 different styles to show your sites

Get free visitors for confirmed referrals to Genie Co Op

It shows only your website and works invisibly in the background

No top bar, or banners or competition. Attention is only on your site!

Your visitor credit is not used unless your site is shown for 8-10 seconds or longer

More free visitors when your referrals upgrade

Earn free visitors to use for other sites in this network

Earn Extra free visitors if you choose to show the text ad widget

Use Emergency Genie and Calm Genie for even MORE free visitors sent to YOU!

We thought of everything...
This doesn't waste your visitors. It has a min. 8-10 second visit timer, min. window size, 60 second frequent view timer, frame breaker code is ignored and we just get out of your way.

You can list unlimited amount of sites and get traffic to them from other members

COLORFUL statistics in multiple bar graphs, easy to see and view

You can use it FREE or choose to be a "WishMaster" member

You can choose to show your co-op url anywhere such as in safelists, traffic sites, social networks, more

Fair affiliate program and everyone is working as a team to get more traffic!

Our unique co-op frame is bulletproof. The "frame breaker" sites have that coding silenced

Cheaters encounter traps behind the scenes. Legit traffic only!



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